Payment Method



Payment Method for conference registration includes the following. You may register through one of the following options :

METHOD 1 : Cash Deposit / Bank Transfer (Payment should be made in USD)


You may send money through your bank directly to our bank account. Please note that additional charges apart from the registration fees are borne by the participant. Please send the ‘Payment Evidence/ Payment Proof’ by an Email to so that, we may track the payment, and register your candidature.


Kindly email "Bank Details Request" to and filled up registration form.

METHOD 2 : PayUBiz – This payment method is recommended for all countries including India.

Authors are requested to choose USD in payment type while filling the payment form. Authors making payment from India can choose INR/USD in payment type.

Select the PayUBiz option and click on submit button.

Fill up the form and put the amount in USD example: - 400 USD

Click Pay Now

Log In with your PayUBiz Account/ Sign Up with PayUBiz

You will get a payment receipt immediately from PayUBiz. Forward us the receipt as payment proof along with your registration form.


Delegates from countries with financial restrictions on fund transfer (e.g., Iran) may inform the conference secretariat and submit the registration fee at the conference venue on arrival.

In such case, the delegate needs to do the following :

Fill the registration form and receive the conference invitation letter and invoice.

Inform the conference secretariat on email about 'On Spot' payment.

Submit the copy of flight tickets to the conference location/ institute's letter for permission to attend the conference to the conference secretariat.

Submit the registration fee as per the Invoice to the conference coordinator at the venue.