Editing, Formating & Plagarism Reduction

ICIRSTM partners with Researchedit and offer three levels of editing – proofreading, copy editing and substantive editing for academic writing and publishing needs of research authors.

ICIRSTM Guarantee (If submitting your research work for editing service)

  1. ✔ Quality work
  2. ✔ Reasonable price
  3. ✔ Safety and security of your given data
  4. ✔ No rejection for poor language or formatting issues

Editing Partner


Our Goal

Help you reach your goal of publishing articles in International journals providing highest quality editing services and to keep the promise of “Author First, Quality First” .

Articles submitted to ICIRSTM and need modification for publishing in Indexed journals of your choice https://www.icirstm.org/publication are edited by the associated editing service provider https://www.researchedit.org .

Who is Researchedit?
Researchedit provides editing, formatting and article rewriting services to reduce the plagiarism of a manuscript. Researchedit ensures the quality and professionalism of the associated editors. Services given by Researchedit are listed below.

Formatting services

ICIRSTM has partnered with Researcheditas its publication partner aiming at assisting the authors in formatting their manuscripts as per the journal guidelines. It is important that the file be saved in the native format of the word processor used. The layout of the research article should be as simple as possible. To avoid unnecessary errors you are strongly advised to use the 'spell-checker' and 'grammar-checker' functions of your word document. Follow the Author’s Guidelines for proper formatting of the tables, artwork preparation, text alignment, in-text reference citation, reference formatting, and so on ( see also the Guide to Publishing with ICIRSTM:

https://www.icirstm.org/author-guidelines ). Typesetter’s team at Researchedit will assist the authors in formatting the research papers as per the required guidelines set by ICIRSTM and generate a camera-ready format of the paper.


Authors who are willing to format other research articles other than the conference papers can get in touch with the support team at: https://www.researchedit.org/contact or visit our service page: https://www.researchedit.org/formating-submission.

Disclaimer : Formatting service is not a mandatory service for all authors who are submitting their paper to the conference.

Language Editing Services

ICIRSTM has partnered with Researcheditas its publication partner to cater all editing needs of its authors who are submitting their full paper to the conference for publication. The editing service of Researchedit team will assist in eliminating all possible grammatical and typographical errors. The language experts conform to correct the scientific tone of the manuscript. Available from Researchedit: https://www.researchedit.org/service-editing or visit our customer support site https://www.researchedit.org/contact for more information.


What you get with the editing service plan?

  • ✔ Editing done by native English speakers only.
  • ✔ Both American and British English usage is dealt with.
  • ✔ Work is completed within the stipulated deadline of the conference paper submission.
  • ✔ In addition to conference papers, other research works such as reports, thesis, dissertation, case studies, reviews, abstract, original article, grant applications, proposals, PowerPoint presentations, books, etc., are edited by the experts from diverse fields.
  • ✔ If your manuscript is rejected by any journal due to English language errors after editing service of Researchedit, then you will get an offer for free re-edit [Applies only if no textual changes were made to the manuscript after editservice].

Disclaimer : Use of this service is not mandatory for publication in ICIRSTM conference. This is a paid service. Any author willing to opt for the service can contact with the support team.

Plagiarism Reduction Service

ICIRSTM has partnered with Researchedit to promote academic integrity and research ethics byreducing plagiarism from the research article. The service is for the authors who want an extra checkfor their research paper in order to prevent plagiarism (or unoriginal text). To know more about theservice visit : https://www.researchedit.org/plagarism-reduction or contact the support team at: https://www.researchedit.org/contact.

Disclaimer : The plagiarism reduction service is not mandatory for the authors who are submittingtheir abstracts to the conference only.



Free Publication

All the selected papers will be published free of cost, if not choosing any option mentioned below and the indexing and abstraction of the journal will be google scholar, scribd ebsco, crossref, ic journals master list, CiteFactor, DOAJ, Scirus, Base, CiteSeer, Scirate, QSensei.