ICIRSTM 2017: Upcoming Academic Conference In Singapore

International Conference on Innovative Research in Science, Technology and Management is going to be held at National university of Singapore (NUS), Singapore on 16-17 Sept 2017, nearly one and half month to go.

It is a great opportunity for all researchers, scientist, engineers, academicians, scholar students to represent their knowledge and thoughts. Similarly we can say it is the open platform to represent and gain knowledge. No matter how experienced you are at your research field, everyone can learn. Working in a small research venture can often be isolating, and without exposure to a variety of points of view, we can miss new ideas and trends that can impact future results. You can develop new ideas by representing your thoughts and listening to others. This conference will provide you the new aspects of future research. These could be new techniques, new types of equipment, unpublished data, or learn from thought-leaders that you may not have previously heard of. At this conference you have the opportunity to get feedback on your work from people who have never seen it before and may provide new insight.

Upcoming Academic Conference In Singapore
Upcoming Academic Conference In Singapore

It is an opportunity to expand the knowledge that one has and upgrade performance in accomplishing research objectives. This Conference will bring people together who share a common discipline from different parts of the world, bringing different forms of ideas which build into something greater. So to be a part of this conference, submit your abstract paper which deadline is 29 july 2017.You can know the important dates of the conference . Early bird registration will start from 3rd august 2017. So to avoid huge rush for registration it will be wiser for you to register early. The paper submission fees will be 400 USD for author (Academician/Non Student) ,380 USD Author (Student), 100 USD for listener,150 USD for presentation only. The paper submission deadline will be 18th aug 2017.

You can learn something ingenious from our keynote speakers. . The keynote speakers at the conference will provide you the access to various research activities related to a particular subject with current findings and development anticipated from them. The individuals you’ll meet have a plethora of stories to share that can enlighten you. Surrounding yourself with passionate people will encourage you to keep learning and growing in all aspects of your life. They can become a source of inspiration and a motivation to be a better, and fight for your dreams as they do.

You can also book your residing place at Singapore through online from the very beginning so that the spending of money at hotels or lodge will be less. It will better to select the residing place near the conference venue. The time you spend at this conference will be very beneficial for your future research and development.

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