Tips for Presenting a Paper at Conference in Singapore 2018

Conference in Singapore 2018

Are you thinking for presenting a paper at an academic Conference in Singapore 2018? It is an important part of a researcher’s life which gives an opportunity that most young researchers look forward to go for this. However, while it is no doubt an exciting experience, sometimes it a scary prospect for most researchers and publishers. For even senior and experienced researchers also feel a bit nervous while addressing a huge audience; but for young researchers, especially who are presenting for the first time, no doubt the whole thing can be overwhelming.

Well-prepared is the key to an effective conference presentation. Find here some few tips and present your paper at Conference in Singapore 2018:

  • Keep distinguish between a conference paper and journal article. Write your paper in such way that a conference should be different from journal. It will attract the audience.
  • Adhere the time limit, 20-30 mints is a suitable session for paper presentation at conference. It is also applicable for Conference in Singapore 2018
  • Rehearse in front of mirror or a friend before some days of the conference. Practice will make your speech more smooth and natural.
  • Choosing a local language rather than English is a good step but it depends on the audience demand and comfort.
  • Eye contact is the most important part which enhances your personality as well as attracts audiences’ attention.
  • Engage the audience with question and answer to make your speech effective. Ultimately you will receive a feedback.
  • Before ending your speech try to make it natural, interesting and memorable.

The above tips will make the process of Presenting a Paper at Conference smoother for you.




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