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Why International conferences are becoming popular in the past decade.

International conferencesInternational conferences are all time events of academic and non-academic departments. It is a unique platform to bring the largest humanitarian network together. It is a gathering where people from versatile fields join to share their views and to get to know about others views.

Features of international conference

To attend an international conference one should have to prepare him according to the topic of the conference as many learned persons will be present over there. You can also prepare a paper on the topic and present it in the conference.You can get to know about the international conferences prior to the date by getting your e-mail id or mobile number registered to companies that deal with the subject area of your field. International conferences include subject areas from medicine to bio-tech to economics to business to engineering to technology to arts even. So people from every background can attend international conferences.

Benefits of international conference

There are various benefits of international conference such as learning in a different environment. You can get a chance to listen to speakers of different views and learn new ideas. You will also get updated about new technologies of your field. You can also get to converse with speakers from other countries. You can also get benefits on publishing research paper in conference proceeding international journal as well as UGC APPROVED international journal.

Presenting your research paper in an international conference will give you benefits in different ways. When you present your paper in a scientific circle, you can get feedback’s from experts and that helps you improve your research paper. Another exciting factor is that you get to go to a new place and explore some new cultures languages people and so on.

Attending international conferences also strengthens your networking and you can also establish new relationships with people from country and abroad.Frequent visits to important international conferences will makes you a known figure in the academic circle and that will help you in creating a good impression in your academic community.

These are some key reasons that international conference is getting more popular in the last decade.

Promote Conference in Singapore by Sending Emails

Conference in Singapore

Planning for conference in Singapore, then make proper plan to promote and reach the potential participant. The concept of conference focuses on bench marking and extending of knowledge in successful implementation and integration of research outcomes in our professional life for the betterment of society.

Conference in Singapore

For promoting a conference, sending emails are a best option for organizers as one can directly reach to its potential audience, but choosing the right Emails IDs is the most important thing. This platform ensures you a higher audience turnout. Make this process more effective by sending emails to targeted audience. The organizers should send Emails in such a way that convey all important aspects of Conference in Singapore  like schedule, venue, topic, keynote speakers and abstract submission process in details.

Make Conference in Singapore effective, collect feedback from the participant. It will help for a most demanded as conference. Sending emails help organizers to promote their conference even by targeting relevant audience without putting extra effort, time and money. From a number of analysis shows that emails are more effective social media in conveying information to users.


Tips for Presenting a Paper at Conference in Singapore 2018

Conference in Singapore 2018

Are you thinking for presenting a paper at an academic Conference in Singapore 2018? It is an important part of a researcher’s life which gives an opportunity that most young researchers look forward to go for this. However, while it is no doubt an exciting experience, sometimes it a scary prospect for most researchers and publishers. For even senior and experienced researchers also feel a bit nervous while addressing a huge audience; but for young researchers, especially who are presenting for the first time, no doubt the whole thing can be overwhelming.

Well-prepared is the key to an effective conference presentation. Find here some few tips and present your paper at Conference in Singapore 2018:

  • Keep distinguish between a conference paper and journal article. Write your paper in such way that a conference should be different from journal. It will attract the audience.
  • Adhere the time limit, 20-30 mints is a suitable session for paper presentation at conference. It is also applicable for Conference in Singapore 2018
  • Rehearse in front of mirror or a friend before some days of the conference. Practice will make your speech more smooth and natural.
  • Choosing a local language rather than English is a good step but it depends on the audience demand and comfort.
  • Eye contact is the most important part which enhances your personality as well as attracts audiences’ attention.
  • Engage the audience with question and answer to make your speech effective. Ultimately you will receive a feedback.
  • Before ending your speech try to make it natural, interesting and memorable.

The above tips will make the process of Presenting a Paper at Conference smoother for you.




Tips To Organize a Successful High Rated Conference

high rated conference

High Rated Conference

Conference is mostly the bread and butter of the whole event; similarly high rated conference is one which is considered as most popular among all conference. The conference is what most of the attendees came for; highly rated conference is decided by the feedback given by the attendants. If the presentation or lecture bombs, then you can expect negative feedback and potentially a decreased turnout the next time you have an event. Always try to make a highly rated conference.

For a high rated conference, you have to make it interactive with having keynote speakers and choosing a latest topic. Here are some tips to ensure the audience becomes active participants rather than passive listeners.

  • Take questions from audience
  • Make learning moments also be fun
  • Hire moderator to keep the speaker on track
  • Technology is always a better way to encourage participation in more ways than one
  • Make the conference Two-Way Interaction


Conference in NUS 2018 – ICIRSTM

Conferences play a vital role in each individual’s career; it gives the essential insight required for one to shine and learn new tactics. Usually conferences are held with experts key speakers who have years together of experience in that subject and help the audience to take the right path. Conference in NUS has its own identification in conference listing websites. Popularity and interest of people in NUS Conference is a benchmark itself.

Conference in NUS

Conference in NUS is held annually and is the head decision-making body of NUS. Delegates are elected from every local students’ union that is an affiliated member of NUS to represent students’ opinions on a national level.

Attending Conference in NUS 2018 is an intelligent decision as one can get and enhance its knowledge in a specific topic from this conference. Conferences in NUS have been held on different topics and many different subjects. This is necessary because these days that is exactly how one especially student can come closest to the subject itself and get the maximum exposure and a platform for ones brilliant ideas even if not participating conference in NUS directly as a speaker or organizer for that matter.

Bring a Practical Change to the Tech Advancements by Most Demanded Conference

Most Demanded Conference

Most Demanded Conference helps you to change the tech advancements. ICIRSTM aims to bring the leading academicians, researchers, scientists, scholars, engineers and students to a single platform. The leading figures listed on the Scopus conference list 2018 can share personal knowledge, research and experiences on varied aspects of incredible advancements in science, technology, engineering and management. On this platform, everyone can openly share and discuss about the practical changes and the appropriate solutions to adapt that could bring a change!

Most Demanded Conference

ICIRSTM offers the magnificent platform of conference with journal publication 2018 and gives a list of Most Demanded Conference. We coordinate with the experts, authors, researchers and scientists also leading journals for ensuring high quality of the research works. The research works and papers will get indexed and make it perfect for journal publishing. Don’t miss the grand opportunity!


conference on demand

Making a conference on demand is ultimately covert to a successful conference. There are some important aspects to be taken in to consideration. The key to being a conference on demand hire a successful event organizer to ensuring everything runs smoothly. Also to remember everyone is having experience.

Here is the list which describes the essential tips to follow for making your conference on demand.

  • Choose an appropriate and suitable date. Before deciding the date contacts to the key speakers and take confirmation.
  • The secret to make your conference on demand or successful conference planning is to keep a thoroughly organized list and take each task one at a time.
  • Instant planning is not suitable in such situation. So, keep sufficient time for your planning.
  • Keep for backup plans for any instant problems.
  • The length of the conference is also plays a vital role and depends on how many participants as well as speakers will attend. Estimate a number of speakers and participants.
  • Choose the perfect venue, from the type of conference you are planning, to location facilities and costs.
  • A conference is a process which is completed with a team not by an individual. Create a powerful and creative team.
  • Your plan should be clear and precise.
  • Don’t forget about your sponsors as they have a great impact. Find out potential sponsors.
  • The last but not the least promotes your upcoming conference before minimum six months to make your conference on demand. Target the local and relevancy platform to promote your conference.

Finally take the feedback after or during the conference to analyze your output. Garb your goal and make your conference success.

International Conference on Innovative Research in Science ,Technology and Management

International Conference on Innovative Research in Science ,Technology and Management is an exclusive confab of all researchers, scientist, engineers, academicians, scholar students, to be held at National University of Singapore, who are interested in developing new scientific thoughts, creation, exchange, propagation of ideas, knowledge for the use of technology and research result about all aspects of science, technology and management. Through these types of academic conferences one can improve his/her career oriented technical skill. This conference will provide the scope to share the knowledge and competence among the world.  From this sharing of information new conviction can be set up which will be helpful for imminent research and forthcoming development.

International Conference on Innovative Research in Science ,Technology and Management

Location –

National university of Singapore’s main campus is located in south-west Singapore. One can choose the best option that is by flight to reach there. From the nearby country Malaysia, Cambodia etc you can travel by train also. To stay there you can choose the hotels and resorts available near the conference center. It will be wiser to book the residing place through online. To reach at NUS from your residing place, you can travel by bus or by MRT.

Research paper presentation-

The Researchers are going to represent their research papers at the conference. As per the conference date you should briefly know about the abstract and theme of the topic you are going to present there and the abstract submission deadline. Similarly the paper submission deadline and date of registration, paper submission fees shall be known to the researchers. By downloading the conference E-brochure you can get the details about the programs to be held. First of all know the overview of the presentation, keep the main reference point in mind, and say in a consistent manner. The audience of the conference will be from various countries. So the way of representation and the verbalization should be authentic and perfect hence every audience can understand it.

A successful paper representation requires a good amount of practice. So time your talk and adjust it to fit your allotted time. You should keep the most important points in your mind that can be covered within the time. The new researchers who are going to represent their papers first time should prepare their projects based on international standards and the articulation will be clear and perfect. This conference is a big platform for them to represents themselves as well as to learn new things and new directions of research. Through organising these types of conferences, the skill and information related to a particular field can be share among the researchers. This conference can grow your professional networks, build your knowledge base and expand your resources. For students these types of conference can not only open doors to your career, but also open your eyes to future opportunities, new culture and international perspectives. This provides you a unique convergence of networking and learning into a single package.

ICIRSTM Singapore

Apart from attending this conference , you can relish the  natural elegance of Singapore by visiting some beautiful places there such as Singapore history Museum, Sentosa Island, Helix Bridge, Peranakan Museum, Red dot design Museum etc. By visiting these sites, you can boost your knowledge.

Upcoming Academic Conference 2017 – How to Make the Most of It?

Upcoming academic conference (ICIRSTM) at National University of Singapore is going to be organized on 16th September 2017. It’s a two days International Science, Technology and Management Conference that’s attracting a lot of researchers and students from across the Globe. As we all know an International academic conference like ICIRSTM 2017 is very important and helpful for a researcher’s career, so it’s also important that you should be benefited as much as possible from the conference visit.

Upcoming academic conference

Attending the conference and presenting the paper is not all the things you are going to do there. Rather than you can get more added benefits and do something useful and career oriented. If you are a first time conference attendee and going to present your paper in the upcoming academic conference, here are some useful tips that can be helpful for your conference visit.

Plan Your Trip:

For this upcoming academic conference ICIRSTM 2017 we are not providing accommodations. So you need to plan for it and it’s advisable to book the hotels and lodging as early as possible. Check the dates and book your travel. Whether it’s a flight or train or public transport like Bus or a private car, you need to decide and book them early. So that you can get a confirmation and some early booking discounts too. You can find some really good hotels to stay here at Singapore. You should find some nearest hotels to stay near the conference center. It will save your money and you can walk to the conference venue too.

Research Paper Presentation:

The researchers who are going to present their paper for the first time at this Upcoming International conference should be well prepared. A good amount of practice is required for them before the conference presentation. While presenting the paper you need to keep an eye on time. You need to complete your job within the given time. So, make your practice accordingly and keep your presentation slides ready for it with most important points that can be covered within the time.

Suggested: Tips for Successful Paper Presentation

Professional Networking:

An international academic conference is a great place to find some great people of your industry. You can meet other researchers like you from other parts of the planet. It’s a great scope to make a professional networking with them. Share your contacts and collect from others too. This kind of networking between researchers like you and others will be very helpful for your research career.

Final Thought:

International academic conferences are really a great place for researchers like you. You will learn a lot of things, share your research with others, meet some researchers like you from various cities of the world and make contacts with those great minds of your industry etc. It’s not possible to attain all the International conferences of your choice. You can attain maximum 5 to 6 conferences in a year. So, select them carefully.

Tips for Successful Paper Presentation

Successful presentation of your paper is important for your career. You had spent a lot of time for this research. Not only you, but also your co-researcher, guide and other people have invested their time. So the presentation is the way to let the world know about your work. Although your paper will be published in the journal latter, but this presentation before the panel members has a lot of weight for your research career.

Successful Paper Presentation

You need a good preparation for this. Presenting a paper before the listeners and panel members is not that much easy as you write them for the journal publication. So you need a good practice of everything to stand and speak in front of the mass. The important thing is that you will be given a limited time for your presentation. So, you have to be time bound and finish all the things during the given period. So practicing the presentation keeping in mind about the limited availability of time is more important. It reduces your fear and gives you experience to adjust everything inside your budgeted time period.

We are going to mention about some points that will be helpful for your presentation task:


As discussed above, every presenter will be allowed for a limited amount of time and he/she has to finish his/her presentation within the allowable time. Prepare your slides accordingly and be sure that you will never run out of time.


Be sure to check your voice and pronunciation properly before attending an International conference. In an International Conference such as ICIRSTM 2017, people from various countries and having different spoken language join there. It may happen that most of the conference attendees are from countries, where English is not the first language. So you need to practice a lot to speak proper English very clearly. So that everyone can understand it well.

Addressing the Whole Hall:

Keep a good eye contact with the audience. Holding the paper up at nose level, is the good way to talk to the whole room.

The Presentation:

Beginning the presentation with your thesis is a good thing and also helpful for the audiences. Ending the presentation like an open question is also a good idea. This attracts discussions and the presentation becomes an interactive session.

Final Thing:

While preparing the presentation, make sure it will encourage questions from other attendees. Also make them feel that they can contribute to the session.

Although the above tips are not everything you need to be successful in conference presentation, but it will help a lot to make your presentation a better one.

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