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Promote Conference in Singapore by Sending Emails

Conference in Singapore

Planning for conference in Singapore, then make proper plan to promote and reach the potential participant. The concept of conference focuses on bench marking and extending of knowledge in successful implementation and integration of research outcomes in our professional life for the betterment of society.

Conference in Singapore

For promoting a conference, sending emails are a best option for organizers as one can directly reach to its potential audience, but choosing the right Emails IDs is the most important thing. This platform ensures you a higher audience turnout. Make this process more effective by sending emails to targeted audience. The organizers should send Emails in such a way that convey all important aspects of Conference in Singapore  like schedule, venue, topic, keynote speakers and abstract submission process in details.

Make Conference in Singapore effective, collect feedback from the participant. It will help for a most demanded as conference. Sending emails help organizers to promote their conference even by targeting relevant audience without putting extra effort, time and money. From a number of analysis shows that emails are more effective social media in conveying information to users.


Tips for Presenting a Paper at Conference in Singapore 2018

Conference in Singapore 2018

Are you thinking for presenting a paper at an academic Conference in Singapore 2018? It is an important part of a researcher’s life which gives an opportunity that most young researchers look forward to go for this. However, while it is no doubt an exciting experience, sometimes it a scary prospect for most researchers and publishers. For even senior and experienced researchers also feel a bit nervous while addressing a huge audience; but for young researchers, especially who are presenting for the first time, no doubt the whole thing can be overwhelming.

Well-prepared is the key to an effective conference presentation. Find here some few tips and present your paper at Conference in Singapore 2018:

  • Keep distinguish between a conference paper and journal article. Write your paper in such way that a conference should be different from journal. It will attract the audience.
  • Adhere the time limit, 20-30 mints is a suitable session for paper presentation at conference. It is also applicable for Conference in Singapore 2018
  • Rehearse in front of mirror or a friend before some days of the conference. Practice will make your speech more smooth and natural.
  • Choosing a local language rather than English is a good step but it depends on the audience demand and comfort.
  • Eye contact is the most important part which enhances your personality as well as attracts audiences’ attention.
  • Engage the audience with question and answer to make your speech effective. Ultimately you will receive a feedback.
  • Before ending your speech try to make it natural, interesting and memorable.

The above tips will make the process of Presenting a Paper at Conference smoother for you.




Tips To Organize a Successful High Rated Conference

high rated conference

High Rated Conference

Conference is mostly the bread and butter of the whole event; similarly high rated conference is one which is considered as most popular among all conference. The conference is what most of the attendees came for; highly rated conference is decided by the feedback given by the attendants. If the presentation or lecture bombs, then you can expect negative feedback and potentially a decreased turnout the next time you have an event. Always try to make a highly rated conference.

For a high rated conference, you have to make it interactive with having keynote speakers and choosing a latest topic. Here are some tips to ensure the audience becomes active participants rather than passive listeners.

  • Take questions from audience
  • Make learning moments also be fun
  • Hire moderator to keep the speaker on track
  • Technology is always a better way to encourage participation in more ways than one
  • Make the conference Two-Way Interaction