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Upcoming Academic Conference 2017 – How to Make the Most of It?

Upcoming academic conference (ICIRSTM) at National University of Singapore is going to be organized on 16th September 2017. It’s a two days International Science, Technology and Management Conference that’s attracting a lot of researchers and students from across the Globe. As we all know an International academic conference like ICIRSTM 2017 is very important and helpful for a researcher’s career, so it’s also important that you should be benefited as much as possible from the conference visit.

Upcoming academic conference

Attending the conference and presenting the paper is not all the things you are going to do there. Rather than you can get more added benefits and do something useful and career oriented. If you are a first time conference attendee and going to present your paper in the upcoming academic conference, here are some useful tips that can be helpful for your conference visit.

Plan Your Trip:

For this upcoming academic conference ICIRSTM 2017 we are not providing accommodations. So you need to plan for it and it’s advisable to book the hotels and lodging as early as possible. Check the dates and book your travel. Whether it’s a flight or train or public transport like Bus or a private car, you need to decide and book them early. So that you can get a confirmation and some early booking discounts too. You can find some really good hotels to stay here at Singapore. You should find some nearest hotels to stay near the conference center. It will save your money and you can walk to the conference venue too.

Research Paper Presentation:

The researchers who are going to present their paper for the first time at this Upcoming International conference should be well prepared. A good amount of practice is required for them before the conference presentation. While presenting the paper you need to keep an eye on time. You need to complete your job within the given time. So, make your practice accordingly and keep your presentation slides ready for it with most important points that can be covered within the time.

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Professional Networking:

An international academic conference is a great place to find some great people of your industry. You can meet other researchers like you from other parts of the planet. It’s a great scope to make a professional networking with them. Share your contacts and collect from others too. This kind of networking between researchers like you and others will be very helpful for your research career.

Final Thought:

International academic conferences are really a great place for researchers like you. You will learn a lot of things, share your research with others, meet some researchers like you from various cities of the world and make contacts with those great minds of your industry etc. It’s not possible to attain all the International conferences of your choice. You can attain maximum 5 to 6 conferences in a year. So, select them carefully.

Tips for Successful Paper Presentation

Successful presentation of your paper is important for your career. You had spent a lot of time for this research. Not only you, but also your co-researcher, guide and other people have invested their time. So the presentation is the way to let the world know about your work. Although your paper will be published in the journal latter, but this presentation before the panel members has a lot of weight for your research career.

Successful Paper Presentation

You need a good preparation for this. Presenting a paper before the listeners and panel members is not that much easy as you write them for the journal publication. So you need a good practice of everything to stand and speak in front of the mass. The important thing is that you will be given a limited time for your presentation. So, you have to be time bound and finish all the things during the given period. So practicing the presentation keeping in mind about the limited availability of time is more important. It reduces your fear and gives you experience to adjust everything inside your budgeted time period.

We are going to mention about some points that will be helpful for your presentation task:


As discussed above, every presenter will be allowed for a limited amount of time and he/she has to finish his/her presentation within the allowable time. Prepare your slides accordingly and be sure that you will never run out of time.


Be sure to check your voice and pronunciation properly before attending an International conference. In an International Conference such as ICIRSTM 2017, people from various countries and having different spoken language join there. It may happen that most of the conference attendees are from countries, where English is not the first language. So you need to practice a lot to speak proper English very clearly. So that everyone can understand it well.

Addressing the Whole Hall:

Keep a good eye contact with the audience. Holding the paper up at nose level, is the good way to talk to the whole room.

The Presentation:

Beginning the presentation with your thesis is a good thing and also helpful for the audiences. Ending the presentation like an open question is also a good idea. This attracts discussions and the presentation becomes an interactive session.

Final Thing:

While preparing the presentation, make sure it will encourage questions from other attendees. Also make them feel that they can contribute to the session.

Although the above tips are not everything you need to be successful in conference presentation, but it will help a lot to make your presentation a better one.

International Conference on Innovative Research in Science, Technology and Management

Upcoming International academic conference ICIRSTM 2017 (International Conference on Innovative Research in Science, Technology and Management) is going to be held at National University of Singapore (NUS). This is a 2 days conference on 16th and 17th September in 2017. Researchers, Scientists, Engineers, Scholar students and other academicians having research in the field of Engineering and Management will find this conference best suitable for their need.

international conference in singapore


As we have mentioned the conference will be held for two day on 16th and 17th September 2017, here are the important dates of ICIRSTM for you:

Abstract Submission Deadline  29th July 2017
Abstract Acceptance notification  Within 5 days of submission
Early-Bird Registration 3rd August 2017
Last Date of Registration 11th August 2017
Late Registration Date 17th August 2017
Paper Submission Deadline 18th August 2017
Date of Conference 16-17 September 2017


* Dates may change in Future be sure to visit for latest updates.

Paper Submission & Fees

You may send your papers to us through email. The paper submission email address is – . You can also send the papers through online paper submission form on our website. Click Here to visit the online Paper Submission Form.

Please find the Fees Table here:


Category Early – Bird Registration Standard Registration Late Registration Spot Registration
Author (Academician/Non Student) 400 USD 450 USD 500 USD 600 USD
Author (Student) 380 USD 400 USD 450 USD 500 USD
Listener 100 USD 150 USD 200 USD 250 USD
Each Additional Page 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD
Each Additional Author (exceeding 3 authors) 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 30 USD
Presentation only 150 USD 200 USD 250 USD 300 USD

Click here to make a payment. For more information on registration fees please visit this link –

* Presenter will present the paper in the conference only without conference abstract proceeding publication.

* The conference registration fees are inclusive of bank convenience charges and GST.

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